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Insurance Valuations

To fully protect your assets accurate valuation is critical

Wellington insurance valuers here - Under-insured residential property is a significant risk to you and your family.

Wellington insurance valuers here - Over-insured industrial or commercial property is an unnecessary cost to your business.

A Chadwick Robson insurance valuation is extensive and accurate

Chadwick Robson specialise in appraising improvements for insurance purposes, including:

Wellington Residential Insurance valuers

  • Residential properties
  • Heritage buildings
  • Hospitals
  • Schools and universities
  • Not for profit organisations
  • Council assets
  • Manufacturing assets
  • Food processing plants

Insurance valuation of buildings and other improvements

For businesses, a regular insurance valuation program for the full current cost replacement value is essential.

Increased levels of corporate governance ensure that boards periodically review all insurance contracts and maintain adequate levels of insurance to minimise operational risk.

Chadwick Robson Associates are both Quantity Surveyors and Valuers

Chadwick Robson can prepare your elemental cost plan of buildings and other improvements by utilising current market prices.

This approach has been accepted by brokers and insurers worldwide. It is a preferred method of valuation because of its rigour, ensuring all your assets are fully protected.

Insure your assets for FULL replacement

Chadwick Robson estimate costs to replace existing structures. We don't rely on cost guides that provide modern equivalent costings.

Elemental estimating allows for:

  • costs to replace the existing structureSacred Heart Cathedral Wellington - insurance valuations
  • specific material used in the building eg, stone, timber, brick, plasterboard etc.
  • the design and shape of the building
  • conservation values
  • extra costs of reinstatement to comply with current building code and fire regulations
  • specialist consultants and builders

On desk reviews

Following a formal valuation we offer on desk reviews as a low cost and effective way of maintaining accurate levels of insurance.

On desk reviews take into account the principal factors causing cost increases such as inflation and exchange rate fluctuations. Allowances can also be made for additions and disposals during the periods between valuations.

Typically on desk reviews are performed annually for 2 to 3 years after the initial full valuation has occurred.

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