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Plant & Equipment Valuation

Your plant and equipment assets often exceed the value of your property assets

They need the same specialised focus. Our valuers can assist you with professional valuation advisory services in relation to your manufacturing, production, transportation and infrastructure assets.

Why Chadwick Robson for plant and equipment valuation?Plant and equipment valuation wellington

  • We understand the insurance, financial accounting and taxation implications of our work.
  • Valuation expertise - our plant and equipment valuers have experience in providing valuation services and advice across most asset classes.

With the current pressures on organisations to reduce costs and maximise growth, a real time asset valuation and advisory service is imperative to support your business-critical decision making.

How can we help you?

Our valuation expertise can maximise your profit and improve the management of your company assets. We also have the expertise to deliver independent valuation and advisory services, ranging from smaller one-off assignments to large scale/mass valuations of highly specialised assets.

  • Insurance valuations

  • Accounting - valuation for financial reporting

    plant and equipment valuationInternational accounting standards require the preparation of market values for financial reporting purposes. Where impairment is triggered, regular valuations provide information to help you make sound business decisions.

  • Taxation

  • Asset management

  • Pre-purchase due diligence

    We can provide a preliminary assessment of asset values to assist in the due diligence phase of a transaction.

  • Purchase Price Allocation

    Establishing opening book and taxation values post acquisition to increase the depreciable asset base and minimise the non-depreciable goodwill component.

  • Effective life reviews

    We analyse the effective working lives of your assets. This can vary the amount of depreciation for book purposes to better reflect the operations, maintenance and disposal practices of your specific organisation.

  • Revaluing assets to protect from takeovers

    International accounting standards that allow companies to adopt the cost approach, asset revaluations may have been neglected. However, as assets depreciate over time the company could find itself the target of a potential takeover- regular asset valuations minimise the risk of understating a company’s asset base.

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